Two people leaning on their balcony to express their mourning and see the hologram

3D hologram Tribute victims COVID-19 'Ermua City Council'

The Ermua City Council wants to pay tribute to the victims of the Ermua COVID-19 in an original way.

The Ermua City Council wanted to pay tribute to the victims of COVID-19 in the municipality

This time we have placed a holograph of blades that generates a 3D image of 75 cm on a vehicle that has circulated in the afternoon-evening of Thursday, April 16, in the municipality of Ermua. A specific campaign has been created in Spanish and Basque with messages of remembrance and respect for the victims. 

As a novelty we have placed a protective dome on the holograph that was anchored on the roof of a City vehicle and classical music was also played also as a sign of mourning and respect for the friends and family of the victims.


Honor the victims and facilitate the mourning of the relatives of those who died from the coronavirus. Given the painful loneliness in which deaths and burials are taking place in the most absolute privacy, thus allowing the affection and understanding of their residents as well as that of their city council to reach them.


A campaign of holographic images has been created alluding to the traditional burials with bouquets of flowers with expressive legends showing pain and respect, black crepe with the identifying logo of the Ermua City Council with which it is intended to show that all the people feel the loss from your neighbors. The holograph has been placed on the cow of a municipal vehicle and has been projected towards the windows with the purpose of being observed from above, with routes similar to what the local police usually do when applauding at 8 a.m. late. Due to the type of holographic image, the event was held in the late evening to be better observed in the dark.


The result was a success since it was very well received by the citizens of Ermua who understood it as a nice gesture from the consistory in such a delicate situation.