Ermua Women's House

Table calendar 'Ermua Women's House'

The Ermua Women's House needed to make a calendar to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the house.

400 copies of an 8-sheet table calendar

From the messages and ideas of images provided by the staff of the House of Women, we are responsible for the design and printing of 400 copies of an 8-sheet table calendar with measures 210 x 150 cm that will be available to the citizenship both in the House of Women and in other municipal facilities. Likewise, calendars will be sent to institutions, organizations, areas of equality and women's homes of the Basque Autonomous Community.

1000 commemorative notebooks

1000 notebooks have also been made which, like the calendars, will be given progressively to the people, groups and associations involved in the municipal equality programs.


To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the House of Women in Ermua, we want to develop some kind of graphic element to distribute among the citizens.

Proposed solution

It is decided to create an 8-calendar table calendar measuring 210 x 150 cm, printed in 170 gram matte coating by four-color printing and wiro binding.

Likewise, 1000 notebooks measuring 15.5 x 21.5 cm are designed and printed, printed in four-color and 170 gram paper as well.


The client has been satisfied with the work done being an article very demanded by the citizens who claimed that product in the House of the woman of Ermua and other municipal offices.