Ribera Market

3D hologram 'Ribera Market'

The Ribera Market accepts the challenge of visually surprising the people who visit the facilities.

Bilbao Zerbitzuak wanted to surprise the customers of the Mercado de la Ribera using a new means of graphic communication

We placed a holograph of blades that generates a 3D image of 75 cm at the entrance of the Mercado de la Ribera. It was placed in December 2019 and the purpose was to show contents related to the Christmas campaign congratulating the holidays to customers in different languages ​​(Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc.)

As a novelty we work in collaboration with the company Disaro S.L.P. to place the graphic image of the illuminated whale also on the holograph, achieving an excellent result since we gave movement to the whale that was in front of the market next to the estuary of Bilbao.


Bilbao Zerbitzuak wanted to offer attractive content and surprise customers at Ribera Market. I also wanted to offer a new service to the market positions of the Ribera to promote and advertise their offers.


It is proposed the placement of a latest-generation 3D blade holograph that projects images with a size of 76 cm in diameter at the entrance of the Mercado de la Ribera. The initial project was to show content created exclusively for this project related to the Christmas campaign. In the future, content will be created on demand of the client to advertise products and services of the Ribera Market.


The result was a success since it was very well received by both the market and public positions that make use of these facilities that were surprised by something so new.