Ermua Women's House

Nahita interactive magazine 'Ermua Women's House'

The Casa de la Mujer de Ermua wanted to launch a new quarterly magazine to project the work done from the Women's House to the public and help spread the message of equal opportunities for women and men.

Next, we show one of the magazines made.

The House of Women of Ermua requests the realization of a periodic magazine

Below, we show the result of one of the magazines made for the House of Women of Ermua.


Project the work done in the House of Women and spread messages of equal opportunities for women and men among citizens through a periodical publication.


Creation of a 12-page quarterly magazine in 22.5 x 22.5 cm format printed in four-color paper on 150 gram paper in matt coated. In addition, it is presented as a novelty the possibility of publishing said magazine in digital format allowing citizens to interact in the contents (viewing interviews conducted with citizens in video format, hyperlinks to web pages, etc.)


The client has been very satisfied with both the physical and the digital publication having made an important number of numbers that can be consulted on the website of the House of Women.